Inspire a Beloved Organization

The Love & Magic Company has reimagined the concept of “work” with its Beloved Organization Model, a fresh and timely playbook on how to build purposeful, agile, and conscious organizations in service of human growth. Join in on a new conversation on work as love made visible and technology as a coordinating aspect of that love.

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Learn to Build a Beloved Organization

Learn how to build a Beloved Organization in this one-day workshop. You’ll leave with a playbook on the principles, processes, and tools to build a purposeful, agile, and conscious organization.

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Identify a Beloved Organization

With this offering, our Idea Awareness Charrette would launch as an intensive one-week workshop, run by Love & Magic Company along with 3 to 5 of your most talented people across your organization. We will brainstorm and identify one to three project ideas and create a “lean product plan” – a blueprint of the product and business model.

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Develop a Beloved Organization

We will design and build a project using agile and other highly-efficient Beloved Organization methodologies in 100 days.

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Validate, Grow and Learn a Beloved Organization

After a promising Incubation, the team will enter a phase of further testing and refinement. A new team, ready to lead and drive the new organization, is established, primed and fired up for growth.

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